Traditional games at Lednica Lake

On May 27, in the beautiful natural surroundings of Lake Lednica, at the Museum of the First Piasts, archaeological and natural history workshops were held. Among the various attractions, such as the possibility of watching birds through binoculars or recognizing animal tracks, everyone could play traditional games that used to be an integral part of people’s lives. Currently, they are coming back.

The most popular among children and adults was Kubb – a simple, Swedish throwing game in which our task is to knock over the opponent’s wooden blocks by throwing a stick or a bag at them. Finally, you have to knock down the King (the biggest figure in the middle of the field).

The kids had a great time. Some of them were returning to play several times. One participant even said: it was better than our toys.

Another popular game was Croquet. By using wooden, hammer-shaped mallets (bats), you hit the balls through small gates. The old game of aristocracy, today is a great game for everyone.

Children and adults were also playing Boccia – a very interesting, throwing game from Italy. You throw the balls as close as possible to a small ball, called “Jack” or “boccino”. Whoever is closer, wins!

Children were also interested in Finnish skittles. Here you have to not only knock down the pins with a throw of a stick, but also to count the points, marked on the pins. You play to exactly 50 points – here playing and having fun is combined with learning how to count.

Children and adults were very pleased with the opportunity to take part in traditional games. They praised the possibility of spending free time in an interesting and original way.

One of the mothers even said, that these games are: a good and healthy alternative to mobile phones.

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