The fifth common training and meeting of the participants of the Erasmus+ Sport Project

Table tennis players from Serbia and Poland met in Serbian Novi Sad for the fifth meeting as part of the Project “Para table tennis as a tool for social integration of people with disabilities”, funded by the European Union from the Erasmus+ Sport Programme.

Date and place: 16-23.07.2023, Novi Sad (Serbia)


16.07.2023 – Arrival in Belgrade. Transfer to Novi Sad.

17.07.2023 – Two table tennis trainings. Common analysis with Serbian coaches.

18.07.2023 – General, speed exercises.

19.07.2023 –Tour around Novi Sad.

20.07.2023 – Two table tennis trainings. Going shopping to the Shopping Center.

21.07.2023 – One table tennis training. General, strength exercises.

22.07.2023 – Mini singles tournament.

23.07.2023 – End of the training camp. Departure to Poland.

Summary of the meeting:

Polish and Serbian participants of the Project completed the fifth common training and meeting as part of the meetings with the Serbian national team. This time, all the participants of the meeting were juniors (up to 18 years of age). Together with Serbian coaches, Polish coaches conducted para-table tennis trainings. At the end everyone played a mini control tournament.

During training camps, players learned new forms of warm-up in table tennis. During table tennis training, the players improved specific technical elements. Together they analyzed individual tactical elements for various playing styles. The coaches always met after training to establish common concepts for the next training days.

In addition to table tennis training, the participants have taken part in general development classes: speed and strength exercises.

Moreover, one day, there was a common trip around Novi Sad. It was very important for social integration of younger participants from Poland and Serbia – they got to know each other better.

All common meeting and training goals have been achieved.

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