The story of traditional sports enthusiast

Bartosz Prabucki

Who am I and where do I come from?

My name is Bartosz Prabucki and I am passionate about sport. Or rather sports, games and plays as there are thousands of them all over the world. From the time immemorial, people have been very creative in practising and inventing new games and sports. According to the great philosopher Friedrich Schiller, people are only fully “human beings” when they play.

I have been interested in sport since my childhood. I come from a sports family – my father is a former physical education teacher and a football coach with considerable achievements, my mother is a psychologist, successfully working with sportsmen and my brother is a great physiotherapist and dietician.

I was training football and table tennis, achieving nationwide results. Currently, I am 33 years old, still practising recreational sports.

At a certain point of my life, I became interested in TRADITIONAL SPORTS, GAMES and PLAYS.

What are traditional sports?

It is not easy to clearly define them. These are usually forms of physical activity, associated with a given ethnic, regional or local group (but not always), rather amateur and derived from particular cultures and traditions.

They are often recreational (though not always) and their rules are sometimes spontaneously created by the playing group. They put more emphasis on participation and common play than on a victory at all costs.

They create a rich, world cultural heritage, capable of connecting our past with the present and the future.

What is also important, these sports are elements of culture, education and everyday life. They have had various functions and have satisfied numerous human needs. They have always accompanied people, exciting and inspiring them.

Traditional sports are my passion, inspiration and life mission

These sports and games fascinated me to such an extent that I devoted my Bachelor and Master’s theses to them during my anthropological studies, which made me an anthropologist.

They inspired me so much that I went a step further. I have written several scientific articles and a PhD thesis about them, becoming a doctor of physical culture sciences. Now, I am preparing this thesis for publication.

This original combination of anthropology and sport led me to work in the Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park, where I was developing this subject in 2017-2018, organizing, among others, practical activities and events from traditional games and plays for children and adults.

What am I doing now?

Currently, I work as an international projects and programmes specialist in Sport and Rehabilitation Association START in Poznań and as an expert in traditional sports and international projects manager in the Institute for the Development of Sport and Education (IRSiE) from Warsaw.

For many years, I have been actively involved in various national and international projects, dedicated to promotion and development of traditional sports and games.

I am a member of the International Relations Commission of the European Traditional Sports and Games Association (ETSGA).

I constantly cooperate with the world’s best experts in this field. Thanks to that, I am developing myself and becoming better and better specialist in what I do.

I also organize practical activities for children and adults, during which they actively participate in various traditional games.

In my life, I am inspired by cultural diversity and richness, hidden in the broadly understood sport.

It is in this sphere of life that, for centuries, human attempts to understand the universe have been revealing and implementing. People have always been inspired by the world of games, plays and fun, taking care of health, social integration and just pure happiness, coming from a joyful and valuable spending of their common free time.

That is why this blog (and me) is INSPIRED BY SPORT.

My educational background

dr Bartosz Prabucki - dyplom doktorski
In 2016 I defended a doctoral thesis on European, traditional sports and received a PhD degree

My professional experience (click the button)

Bartosz Prabucki

Recommendation from the President of the Institute for the Development of Sport and Education (IRSiE) – dr Kazimierz Waluch

Recommendation from Prof. Małgorzata Bronikowska from University School of Physical Education in Poznań