Traditional games – a remedy for current time?

In the previous year, we witnessed far-reaching social changes, related to the COVID19 pandemic. Restrictions, “lockdowns”, social isolation. But how can you live like this? After all, we are social beingswe need contact with people, almost like we need oxygen.

In 2021, we are still fighting with the pandemic, but we can do more now. The summer period also favors social contacts. What do we all need now?


Traditional games and plays

Children, adolescents, adults, the elderly – all of us – want and should go out to get some fresh air, meet other people and be physically active. What can help us to combine it all? Traditional games 🙂 Why?

Traditional games mean a healthier body

It has been scientifically proven that fun, plays and traditional games have a beneficial effect on broadly understood health, including its physical aspect. They have a positive effect on the development of such motor skills as strength, speed, endurance and hand-eye coordination.

In the case of children, research conducted by a team led by an expert in traditional sports – a researcher Pere Lavega showed that children who had a special, regular programme of physical activity with traditional games and activities achieved significant improvements in health, including the reduction of excess body weight and reducing the level of the so-called “bad” cholesterol.

Traditional games are a “healthier head”

Fun, plays games can also improve mental health. It has been proven that they positively develop the emotional dimension of human life. They allow you to get to know your strengths and weaknesses better, control your emotions, overcome life difficulties more easily and better identify your physical abilities and limitations.

Traditional games are a healthier society

These games also help build social bonds, interpersonal dialogue and relationships, and integrate various age or gender groups.

It takes a special dimension during various events, festivals, holidays, festivities, activities for children and adults, etc. Here, the game is an inseparable element of holiday, festival, common fun, which enriches them with sports experiences.

The other values of traditional games

In addition to the very positive impact that traditional games have on physical, mental and social health – and therefore the health and well-being of each of us – they also have other values. They are, among others:

a) a valuable tool for education through sport – they teach cooperation, competition, responsibility for other participants in play, making decisions, coping with failures and difficulties, finding oneself in a group, fulfilling the role of a leader, the ability to assess and take risks, etc. It’s a real school of life,

b) an attractive element of sports and cultural tourism. Thanks to them, we actively learn about the culture of our own and other nations, ethnic, regional and local groups,

c) an important element of recreation, which is very important for both children and adults,

d) They are just … fun!

Traditional games are a good idea for our times

Fun and movement games, including traditional ones, are joy derived from physical activity in the open air, often in the company of other people.

In the present and future post-pandemic times, WE WILL NEED THEM MORE THAN EVER!

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