Traditional games – a “cure” for modern, technological threats?

dziecko ze smartphonem

We live in a world of digital technologies

Computers, smartphones, tablets, communicators and other devices are omnipresent in the world. Of course, it has many benefits, but also brings serious threats to our mental, physical and social health.

Scientists already talk about the so-called digital diseases. Living in a virtual world with online entertainment has become an addiction.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has even classified video games’ addiction as a disease, included in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

The threats, related to the misuse of technology, concern especially young people and children, who use virtual technology at an increasingly younger age.

In some Asian countries, 6-years-old children are considered as addicted to video games! Moreover, there are millions of people, losing control over their functioning in the online world.

uzależnienie od technologii

What are the exact threats of new technologies?

First of all, mental and social problems. A person, who abuses Internet technologies, may become addicted to them, and as a result:

  • he or she slowly loses contacts with his/her parents and friends,
  • he/she lies to parents about the time he/she spends in front of the computer screen,
  • he/she spends too much money on video or online games,
  • he/she neglects his/her health.

Secondly, there are many physical threats, including:

  • the so-called carpal tunnel syndrome – a pain and weakness of a hand and fingers, due to the prolonged use of keyboard and computer mouse,
  • the so-called text neck syndrome, i.e. overload of the cervical spine – chronic head and neck pain, caused by leaning over the screen of a smartphone and/or a tablet,
  • elbow carpal tunnel syndrome – pain and numbness in the area of ​an elbow and fingers due to holding the phone in a bent arm too long,
  • de Quervain’s syndrome – pain at the base of the thumb, due to the intensive texting, even leading to problems with gripping.

These are only some of the risks we all face, related to the abuse of new technologies.

Scientists emphasize that the Internet and modern technologies are not bad in themselves, but their overuse or misuse may lead to serious threats, as mentioned above.

The problem is huge and especially affects children.

What can we do about that?

Among the most effective ways to prevent such problems and addiction to the digital world is developing family ties in the “real” world – by, among others, spending time together outside and playing movement games.

Traditional games can help?

In this context, traditional games and plays are a great form of common recreation.

At the same time, they are one of the most effective “cures” for the above-mentioned problems.

zabawa tradycyjna - kapela

Why exactly traditional games?

Many pieces of research have proven that these games have a strong, beneficial effect on physical, mental and social health.

Traditional games:

  • improve hand-eye coordination, strength, endurance and general physical fitness. This applies to both children and adults. Research conducted in Catalonia by Professor Pere Lavega has shown that regular participation of children in traditional games has a significant and visible, positive effect on their health!
  • increase mental health. They teach everyone to control their emotions, to win but also to cope with defeats, to recognize the strengths and weaknesses, to  overcome difficulties etc.,
  • build social bonds, by simply integrating and providing the opportunity to meet and have fun togetherto children, youngsters, adults, the elderly, people with disabilities – to everyone!
kapela - zabawa dla dzieci i dorosłych

Traditional games are a great way to improve health of our children and all of us

Traditional games are therefore very good for our health!

In addition, they are:

  • a family and intergenerational integration,
  • a great opportunity to leave our homes and have a happy meeting with interesting games,
  • a real school of life – they teach responsibility, tolerance, teamworking, healthy competition, strategic thinking and drawing proper conclusions.

They can therefore be a kind of A REMEDY for many, contemporary  problems and issues all over the world.

Of course, they can’t just magically solve all of them, but they significantly contribute to build our better future.

krokiet dla dzieci
przeciąganie liny - Inspirowany sportem

Get health and joy with traditional games

Traditional games are dedicated to everyone.

Thanks to numerous, practical activities, everyone interested can try them out and realize how many positive values they carry and benefits they bring.

If you want to give yourself, your children and everyone you care about health, joy, social integration and just good, valuable funtraditional games are a wonderful solution!

Pierścieniówka - zajęcia dla dzieci

Kubb - ciekawa, tradycyjna gra rzutna ze Szwecji

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